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Do you want to join the ULTIMATE training course for Equine Photographers?

The 1 Year Group Mentoring Programme - 2020

View The 1Yr Syllabus - 2020

The Bespoke 1 Year Group Mentorship Programme

Invest in your business, development and creativity  

March 2020 - March 2021


Emily and Hannah are thrilled to be releasing the next dates for this exciting and exclusive programme. The 1 year group mentorship course is not for the fainthearted.  

This powerful course will be fundamental to the launch or build of your equine photography business. In addition to being intense and hard work, this innovative course will give you experience, information and confidence for your photography and business.

"This is our third year of running this bespoke course and we couldn't be happier watching our past delegates gain momentum, clients and confidence with their new businesses. We have delegates achieving sales in the £1,000's and being commissioned internationally already".

The private Facebook group enables you to ask specific questions about anything. Worried about securing clients? Receive copy for emails, scripts used to help secure clients over the phone, and watch Emily and Hannah go live or post ACTUAL emails they've used in the past. 

Emily and Hannah hold nothing back from this group. This is a FULL ACCESS COURSE- they want you to succeed, and they can make that happen!

Who is perfect for this course? 

You need to be full of motivation, enthusiam and drive to have a thriving equine photography business.  

This programme concentrates on taking control of your business and photography.  

If you are anything like Emily and Hannah, you want your business to be recognised and renowned for the highest quality of service, experience and outstanding creativity, delivered with passion and confidence.

Here's what the course looks like:

The Business Side 

  • Business creation and development
  • Setting and accomplishing your goals
  • Marketing & branding
  • Target Market
  • Building the right portfolio
  • Selling
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Viewings & client experience
  • Workflows and templates
  • Networking
  • Successfully reach a niche market
  • Understanding the mindset of your client
  • Financial health of your business
  • Profit is King
  • Building a business that has sustainability
  • Everything you need to know to run a successful equine photography business

Photography/ Creativity

  • Multiple photo shoots in each season
  • Different locations, unique venues
  • One horse/one owner 
  • Multiple horses / multiple models
  • Portrait photography
  • Creative photo shoots
  • Understanding the psychology of a horse
  • Comprehensive instruction on technique
  • Structuring a shoot – start to finish
  • Using the best locations
  • Finding the best light
  • Posing techniques 
  • Tips and tricks on the unpredictable
  • Portfolio images
  • Editing and post production processes
  • Enhancing your work
  • Technical help with software and gear
  • Everything you need to know to photograph humans and horses in a lifestyle environment


  • Unlimited email access
  • Private Facebook group
  • Assignments and homework
  • Your very own folder of course material, notepad/pens
  • Bonus recordings thoughout the year
  • Online access to all course material and templates
  • Hear from industry experts
  • Join like minded creatives on this year-long journey to help support and encourage each other
  • Refreshments and light lunches
  • All the inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm you could ask for!

Testimonial from Jennifer - A current 1 Year Delegate.

"I just wanted to let you know that I drove to Surrey today for an equine shoot. I found the lady on Facebook weeks ago and I noticed that she had a pretty grey eventer. Her Facebook profile picture doesn’t do her justice though and she had 3, not 1, stunning horses..... and a very beautiful yard and location.  

The reason for the note though is that I wanted to say a huge thank you!! The way I approached this shoot was so different following on from our session with Maria and the results are fantastic (for where I am on this journey at least) - I am absolutely delighted with them. I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to go through it with me - I’m so pleased that it’s finally started to sink in 😊!!  

On a separate note (and I have been meaning to say this for a long time) I think you and Hannah are such a great combination and so generous with your time, knowledge and enthusiasm. This course is already one of the best things I’ve ever done.  

My objective from the last 2 days was to find a beautiful lady and horse - I’ve smashed that and had absolutely no idea that it was coming!!  

Have a lovely weekend both - I’m buzzing 😁 xx  


Apply to join the 1 Yr Group Mentorship Programme - 2020 Course and receive a
20 minute complimentary strategy session with Hannah or Emily to make sure you are right for this course!

An example of what will we be covering...

A small look at this course:

Target Market

Recognising who your target market is one of the most important elements to your business. 

Be niche, discover your USP and find the voice that gets straight through to your perfect client.

Learn how to reach your target market.


Learn how to price your services and products. 

We run through session fees, framing, printing and album pricing. 

We will open your eyes to pricing yourself while valuing your time!


Emily and Hannah both run through how they pose clients and their horses for the best images. 

After your photo shoots with these experts, you will know how to create a relaxed and fun photo shoot for your clients and how to pose them for each set.

Are you ready to join us in March 2020?

Apply to join the 1 Yr Group Mentorship Programme - 2020 Course and receive a
20 minute complimentary strategy session with Hannah or Emily to make sure you are right for this course!

What kit do I need for this course?

  • Bring all the camera gear you have (no lighting needed)  
  • Ideally you will have a wide-angle and zoom lenses  
  • Lots of card space for each session, at least 30GB  
  • Fully charged batteries and spares  
  • Laptop and card reader  
  • Wellies or good solid boots  
  • Warm outdoor clothing  
  • Pocket notepad and pen (for on location)  
  • A packet of Polo mints (optional but will make you very popular with the horses)

Testimonial from Ben Fox - A former delegate of this course...  

"A quick message I felt was needed to express how grateful I am for not just the content of the course being so great, but also for the both of you two for being equally brilliant. If you had a suggestion box I'd not be using it, as I found it perfect as it was.  

My brain is truly buzzing at the moment. My new found enthusiasm, with the knowledge and inspiration from Emily and Hannah, and a total belief in what you taught, matched with my own belief in enacting it, I am determined to make great things happen with these newly aquired tools and carve out a career in equine photography, I literally cannot wait to get out there.  

This was all kickstarted by the initial phone conversations we had before I'd even booked up, so thank you, for it was from those conversations that I knew for sure that the course was to be exactly what was needed to kick myself off in a new and exciting direction in equine photography, so sincerely a specific thank you for the initial inspiration from you Hannah."  

Apply to join the 1 Yr Group Mentorship Programme - 2020 Course and receive a
20 minute complimentary strategy session with Hannah or Emily to make sure you are right for this course!